In 2019 our mission to re-open the abandoned chocolate factory in Llanboidy came to an end. We failed and it wasn’t pretty. Sometimes the land has to go fallow for a bit before things start growing again. 
In 2020 a different challenge presented itself with each one of us around the world sent to our rooms by mother nature. It was time to hit pause and spend some time reflecting on what really mattered and reset the compass toward a very different future.

“What we do in the next 10 years will profoundly impact the next few thousand”  - David Attenborough 

The very nature of making amazing chocolate is just that. Nature. 
And this particular alchemy only happens in the rainforest. 
An environment we’re not taking very good care of.
It seems like to grow the future we need to be planting seeds not in Wales but in the rainforest. 


To Begin At The Beginning

This coming year NOMNOM starts a new chapter in a new world and whilst we chip away at what the next chocolate factory could look like we’re starting at the source, hands in the soil and trusting our imagination to lead the way.
The most important room in any chocolate factory is the inventing room, it’s where all ideas begin and end. Ingredients come together from around the world to perform a delicate alchemy in pursuit of the most joyful tastes and textures it’s possible to marry. Pleasure is the north star in this multi sensory cosmos and it takes many tastebuds to pass the test so whilst nature works it’s magic on the ingredients we begin by inviting some of you to join in our experiments …